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Your Family Away From Home

We are an all women team devoted to providing our patients with the most comprehensive, preventative, and proactive orthodontic experience.  While most orthodontists focus mainly on giving patients straight teeth, we focus on so much more.  Fueled by a determination to figure out the “Why”, we address patients’ conditions from the source.  We aim to correct the underlying behavioral and structural issues that have caused the development of crowded teeth.  Our focus lies primarily in helping patients achieve their full growth potential with an emphasis on airway development.

Meet The Doctors

The Experts Behind Your New Smile

Dr. Brenda has brought the latest orthodontic technologies and techniques to Portage and Hebron to make your treatment efficient and effective.

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Drs Annie and Brenda

Dr. Annie has practiced general dentistry since 2011. She has always been interested in the whole-body connection and recently found her passion in airway dentistry.

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Meet The Team

Always Working For Your Best Smile

Alicia Ciesielski

Clinical Coordinator Since 2011

April Lafoy

Laboratory Technician Since 2015

Brynlynn Wilson

Clinical Patient Manager Since 2018

Jennifer Scott

Officer Manager Since 1998

Melissa Forszt

Patient Care Coordinator Since 2006

Samantha Toth

Clinical Coordinator Since 2015

Taylor Santmyre

Clinical Patient Manager Since 2021

Madison Forrester

Patient Care Coordinator Since 2020

Jessica Bellamy

Treatment Coordinator Since 2008

Jordan Hedger

Clinical Patient Manager Since 2021

Kellie Gray

Professional Relations Coordinate Since 2005

Mary Adler

Financial & Insurance Coordinator Since 2006

Courtney Ray

Myofunctional Therapist

Britney Finn

Myofunctional Therapist

Kim Steinhilber

Myofunctional Therapist